Please go through all the terms and conditions so you wouldn’t have to ask irrelevant questions again and again.


since you know, Turnitin is not for sale, to common folks it is only sold to organizations..

so this purchase is from reviewers and other persons working in the university,

at any time university can block the ids and then we provide new university’s account. since there’s no scarcity of universities.

We do provide 1 Day money back guarantee in case of we are failed to provide you that service. Adding student is not allowed to anyone in any condition.


QuillBot premium accounts if you violate the rule of using it more than 1 device, then the account could be suspended you’re supposed to be using it in 1 device only.

Grammarly premium account is 140$ for 1 year which is 10800 inr, 23000 pkr oer year, we are charging almost 10 times lesser amount.

incase If company changes the policies, we will let you know accordingly.

We are providing Complete one year Services. Means if you Buy in June 202. It will epire in June 2021 if you bought year Subscription.

Change in any company’s policy will be implemented accordingly we believe in transparency.. it is very easy to sell the things without telling you the truth, but for me its not right to lie with customers its against my principles, so we believe in truth only..

You will never be lied In sha Allah.

if I die, during the year then, there will be no liability in me in this world and hereafter.